Buddy Training Packages

Everyone wants to get in shape, but not everyone knows quite how to get there.   By incorporating one on one personal training, you will get the best results in the shortest time possible. Stephanie can teach you the latest lifts, proper form, as well as incorporate HITT workouts, and flexibility and mobility training in your workouts  A personal trainer right by your side is going to be key to your workout success, but more than anything teach you the tools you need for a lifetime of success.

Hour Session Packages

 785-341-7586  |  info@fitnstrong.net

Personal Training

Hour Training (60 minutes)

1 Session = $49

6 Sessions = $270

12 Sessions= $564

18 Sessions = $810

Buddy Training (60 minutes)

1 Session = $39

6 Sessions = $234

12 Sessions = $444

18 Sessions = $630

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